HTML and Rebol

This is an experimental script using tokenization rules from the HTML 5 spec to create a block of tag/string values akin to Rebol 2’s LOAD/MARKUP. While in the experimental phase, this script is hybrid Red and Ren-C—to this end, Red macros are utilised to bridge minor differences between Red and Ren-C and may interfere with other Red code you may be using simultaneously.

From the Red console (from the same directory as the downloaded script):

do %markup.reb

From the Ren-C console:

import <markup>

Sample Usage

page: load-markup to string! read
parse page [any [tag! opt map! opt </> | string!]] ; is true

If you have any issues, post here.

For Rebol 2 HTML handling, checkout this script built atop PowerMezz.