Clip [ eFishAntSea™ ]

I’m happy to share my delight at having worked on this site, but I’m going to keep some of thinking behind it secret.  Needless to say, eFishAntSea™ provide the slickest collaborative setups for your organisation — well worth a peek.


After deciding that the whole web site was to exist under the sea, I had to find a colour scheme that would match the fun and lively image I had envisaged for the project.  The shades of blue and the green sub-heads capture this well.

[ Snapshot of the Backdrop ]

Snapshot 1:   A demonstration of the use of colour in the design.

The eFishAnt character sits above his sea admiring the view.  The waves are formed by an eventually repeating pattern of hand-drawn lines with a very low bandwidth cost.

[ Snapshot of the eFishAnt ]

Snapshot 2:  The eFishAnt surveying the eFishAntSea™.

Business Card

The business card that compliments the design is far more restrained and contemplative.  It tries to be elegant, and yet appears to be a real crowd pleaser.

[ Business Card Design ]

Graphic:  Business Card

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