Arran Folk Festival

The organisers of the Arran Folk Festival approached me to create a new site where they could present the programmes for their annual music festival.  I took the approach of combining imagery relating to ‘Arran’, ‘Folk’ and ‘Festival’.

Atop each page lies a stylized image of Goatfell, a testament to its imposing outline as seen from Brodick, Arran’s gateway.

[ Goatfell Sketch ]
From rough coloured pencil sketch.
[ Goatfell Header ]
To stylized image for the web.

For the home page, I envisaged a set of posters for each area of the site, and a canonical poster for each year the site has covered.  The posters also reappear on sub-pages approriate to the content.

[ Poster for 2003 ]
2003 Button
[ Poster for 2002 ]
2002 Button
[ Poster for 2001 ]
2001 Button
[ Poster for 2000 ]
2000 Button

The page design consists of the Goatfell header and a three shade system for other areas of the page.  Using style sheets, a simple system was possible whereby each page has three shades of a different colour.  The typography is purposefully strict as the main purpose of the site is to disseminate details.

[ Page Snapshot ]
Snapshot 1: Sample Page

To enable visitors to book tickets by cheque, I produced a printable booking form in Adobe Acrobat format.  The form is clearly laid out and retains the Goatfell header.

[ PDF Snapshot ]
Snapshot 2: Acrobat-based Booking Form.