REBOL Technologies

REBOL Technologies are busy building the formidable Internet Operating System — a distributed desktop that allows secure, private messaging and file/application sharing (amongst other things) for groups, both in-house or Internet-wide.  They required some extra icons for their series of ‘Reblets’ which I was able to provide.

The main objective was to create new icons in the style of existing icons, strongly themed around the white page.

[ Original Icons ]
Snapshot 1:  Some of the icons I produced that ship with IOS. (scaled from their original size)

To supplement these icons, I produced the ‘Ross-Gill’ icon set which took advantage of REBOL’s 32-bit compositing engine.

[ Revised Icons ]
Graphic 1:  A portion of the ‘Ross-Gill’ icon set. (scaled from their original size and colour depth reduced)

For branding purposes, the IOS Desktop can be skinned.  I produced several skins suited to the size and positioning constraints of version 1 of the Desktop.

[ IOS Desktop Snapshot ]
Snapshot:  The REBOL IOS Desktop with my ‘Arran’ Skin.