TextMate and Rebol

Download (REBOL TextMate Bundle) or clone (Rebol-Tmbundle)—based on Will Arp’s REBOL TextMate Bundle hereNote: it is assumed there is a working REBOL binary (Core should suffice) at /usr/local/bin/rebol and is executable.

Note: there is a Sublime Text 2 bundle based upon this TextMate bundle. The Blackboard theme included here should work with ST2 as well.


  • Syntax Highlighting
  • Type rebol<tab> for a REBOL header
  • Tab trigger shortcuts for make, func and context
  • Ctrl-H on any value to invoke REBOL help
  • Ctrl-D on selected text to ‘do that text

Blackboard Theme to go with.

TextMate and REBOL
TextMate and REBOL

REBOL-based Commands

Create a new command, paste a REBOL Shell script as content:

#!/usr/local/bin/rebol -q

REBOL [title: "A Script"]

print "RESULT"

Grab Shell Environment Variables to interact with your Project:

project: to-rebol-file get-env "TM_PROJECT_DIRECTORY"

Grab input to manipulate content:

set-modes system/ports/input [lines: false binary: false]
input*: any [copy system/ports/input ""]
print uppercase mold input

Utilize TextMate’s ‘Show as HTML’ Output option:

print build-markup {
<h1><% mold input* %></h1>

Build the Bundle Yourself

For those that don’t want to use all components, you can review some of them below:

CRun Script
CView Script
CHelp on Word
CCompute Value