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REBOL Forces is a magazine site covering the REBOL language.  The principal function is to allow REBOL developers share ideas and concepts through articles and examples.

REBOL Forces

The principal concept involved in this design is that of a rebel newspaper, therefore it required a masthead to match.  I picked a fresh green for the five-pointed star, and a learned red and blue for the title text.  The text is offset in a way that allows the shape of the star to dominate the page header.

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Graphic 1:  The REBOL Forces Masthead.

An important consideration in a site of this type is how to handle snippets of code.  I decided upon wrapping them in a box with a plain background, slightly darker than the rest of the page, giving a pleasing result and a strong visible abstraction of code from article without interfering with the flow.

[ Code Snippet ]

Snapshot 1:  Code Snippet.

The page itself is divided into four parts (anti-clockwise) — the masthead, the menu, the article, and at the top right, links to both REBOL/View and books on REBOL.

[ Page Snapshot ]

Snapshot 2:  Front Page

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