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The Arran Textiles project was based on the mixture of Traditional Textiles, Technology, Language and Business Skills, and served as a model for rural community and economic development.  I saw a need to avoid twee Celtic designs that plague so much of the Scottish web, instead creating a modern layout with a respectful nod to tradition.

Arran Textiles (Archived Web Site)

The following snapshot highlights my approach — A modern sans-serif heading, a humanist serif body text.  A subdued fabric backdrop and glowing bright green links (underlines turned off on this particular browser).  The incorporation of the watercolour provides some life to the page, and is also drawn from the house style.  Sub-pages replace the watercolour with an appropriate photograph(s).

[ Menu Snapshot ]

Snapshot 1:  A menu page demonstrating the header and body styles.

The page layout is formal with photograph(s) on the left and text on the right.  A major advantage of this approach is cutting the number of characters-per-line, a blessing as some of the pages contain large tracts of text.

[ Page Snapshot ]

Snapshot 2:  Subpage

The front page serves as a business card and an introduction to the project.  The line-lengths of the text are shortened further to give a brochure-feel to the passage.

[ Front Page Snapshot ]

Snapshot 3:  Front Page

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